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Online Hypnotic Chi

Worldwide availability via Zoom

  • 1 hour
  • 190 New Zealand dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

These in-person consultations with Andrew Hardwick combine 2 empowering personal change modalities, Hypnosis & Tai Chi Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility. It's often used to promote relaxation, alleviate stress, overcome phobias, and support behavior change. During a hypnosis session, an individual is guided into a deep state of relaxation, where the mind becomes more open to positive suggestions and changes. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that emphasizes slow, flowing movements, deep breathing, and mindfulness. It's known for its numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improved balance, flexibility, and stress reduction. Hypnotic Chi combines the principles of hypnosis with the mindfulness and movement of Tai Chi, resulting in a practice that offers deep relaxation, heightened awareness, and even greater potential for personal transformation. As an individual, each person's experience of Hypnotic Chi may manifest differently, according to your intention and goals Here's how "Hypnotic Chi" may manifest: 1. **Guided Relaxation and Suggestion**: Imagine a Tai Chi session where the instructor incorporates elements of hypnosis. You are guided into a state of deep relaxation through Tai Chi movements while receiving positive suggestions that align with your goals. 2. **Mindful Movement and Visualization**: Hypnotic Chi involves Tai Chi movements that are performed with heightened awareness, similar to a moving meditation. During these movements, you may visualize your desired outcomes or engage in guided imagery that reinforces positive changes. 3. **Stress Reduction and Transformation**: By combining the relaxation techniques of hypnosis with the mind-body awareness of Tai Chi, Hypnotic Chi offers powerful stress reduction benefits. It might also provide a platform for you to work on overcoming limiting beliefs, building self-confidence, or cultivating healthy habits of mind and body DISCLAIMER: Participation in these sessions is at your personal discretion. Whilst we endeavour to maintain your health and safety, occasionally injuries can occur during the practice of these techniques. If you are unsure whether or not it is safe for you to use these services, then you are advised to consult with your own trusted Practitioner of Medicine

Cancellation Policy

Bookings & Cancellations Policy for Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy Booking your sessions in advance signals your commitment to change. By booking it prevents anyone else from booking the same time slot Note that you may be asked for a deposit to secure your booking and your commitment to attend the session When booking online you may be charged a deposit fee of $50 NZ dollars, or asked to pay in full By making an appointment you fully understand your rights and that you will be charged the full price of the session. The outstanding amount for that session is to be settled by end of each session. If you do not turn up and you have not informed Andrew Hardwick by leaving a message via either a text, email or answerphone service, you may be billed the full price of that session. You may reschedule within the time allocated, but your deposit is not refundable The deposit fee will also become the cancellation fee for that session, if you give less than 12 hours’ notice of your cancellation. There is no cancellation fee if more than 12 hours’ notice is given. Refunds will only be given at my discretion. Please Note: Andrew Hardwick currently offers in-person and online sessions, so please contact me on 021 153 2508 to discuss if you are unsure which would suit you best ALL in-person sessions are at Petone Community House, 6 Britannia Street, Petone ALL online sessions are via Zoom (Links will be provided on the day of your session) When making a booking via the Book Now facility, you will be directed to a calendar detailing available times for in-person and online sessions By making a booking you accept these conditions I look forward to working with you very soon ================ Andrew Hardwick Founder of Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy MNZAPH, HNZRCH, MNZNTCCA, PNLP, PEFT

Contact Details

  • 44 Gillespies Road, Birchville, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

    + 021 153 2508

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