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Great for Physics, great for Hypnotherapy!

A pendulum is an object, hung from a fixed point, that swings back and forth under the action of gravity. Pendulums have been utilised in scientific experiments for centuries.


For example, the Foucault pendulum is a simple device, named after French physicist Léon Foucault. It was conceived as an experiment and introduced in 1851. It was the first experiment to give simple, direct evidence of the Earth's rotation.

In therapeutic environments, the scientific use of pendulums can help us to seek answers to certain questions, by picking up on subtle vibrations within the body.

These subtle vibrations happen because, at a sub-conscious level, your body makes micro-movements in your muscles in a consistent way, in regard to what you are thinking, feeling and doing at that time.


During your Pendulum Session, we will calibrate the pendulum to respond to your own body's specific micro-movements

Once calibration is complete, then through observing the movement of the pendulum in response to questions, your body can reveal clues to answers within your mind, perhaps even to answers you don't even realise that you know!

Through careful questioning, pendulums can reveal a "Yes", "No", "Don't know" and "Don't want to say" answer

Pendulums can reveal joy, confidence, calm and many other emotions

Pendulums can help you to go into hypnosis, quickly, deeply and easily

Pendulums can be informative and fun, for adults and children alike

Pendulums can also be a refreshing way to experience a therapy session

I have a wide range of pendulums, and look forward to helping you soon!

Are you a therapist or coach?

Would you like to swing into action and learn how to utilise pendulums in your own practice?

Would you like a talk or masterclass workshop about pendulums for your students or members of your organisation?

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Andrew Hardwick

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