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Fears & Phobias


At Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy, we specialize in helping people to overcome their fears and phobias with hypnosis. Our experienced hypnotherapist Andrew Hardwick has been helping people for over 10 years, and is dedicated to helping you find your inner calm and conquer your phobias.

Andrew has helped clients to overcome a variety of fears, from fear of heights to fear of flying, fear of public speaking and more. With his help, you can take back control of your life and find the confidence to face your fears.

A wonderful client recently posted a Google-My-Business review and testimonial following the successful treatment of her phobia of elevators. Shared below with her consent

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Zoey Coppins Phobia Google Review

Freedom From Your Phobia Is Just A Text, Call or Click Away!

Hypnosis is available in-person or Online from Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy

Call Andrew on 021 153 2508 or BOOK HERE NOW

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