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Food Aversion Therapy (FAT Buster)

Red Card

FAT Buster is intended to STOP you craving certain types of food!


  • CAUTION - This process is NOT for just cutting down!


FAT Buster is a food-aversion hypnosis session 

It is designed to put you off craving a very specific type of food, for good!

Who is FAT Buster for?


If you tell me that you want me to STOP you from craving lollies, chocolate, crisps, bananas or whatever, because you NEVER want to touch them again, then FAT Buster is for you.


But if you just want smaller portions or occasional treats, then it's not.

Simple, eh?

Alternatives to FAT Buster

If you don't want to stop eating a specific food, but instead just cut down, eating smaller portions and eating less frequently, then I recommend you check out one of our other weight loss hypnosis programs instead


FAT Buster can also be used as an add-on to your VGB or W.A.S.P. program. 


This FAT Buster session takes 90 minutes, and you can Make A Booking if you're ready!


For more information call Andrew on 0211532508 

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