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What I offer you and your business


My passion is to liberate you and your business from old, outdated habits of thought, word and actions, thenhelp you establish new, healthier habits for success!

Talks, Training & Workshops

Be inspired by one of my Keynote talks, presentations, workshops, 1-on-1 executive coaching and consults, group facilitation workshops.

Personal Change

If you require personal and workplace habit change, this happens through Keynote Motivational Talks & Workshops, plus Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Exercise services.

For top of the line personal change choose my Enabling Choice Process, which effortlessly blends elements of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching into one seamless package

Organisational Change 

If you require project management, development or team building, then I can also offer the following:

  • Project Manager - PrInCE2 Methodology

  • Certified Scrum Master - Agile Methodology

  • Quality Manager - PDCA Methodology


These are underpinned by my lifetime of experience in public sector and private sector healthcare in the UK and NZ, as a Registered General Nurse, Registered Mental Health Nurse, I.T. Systems Manager, PrInCE2 Project Manager, Quality Manager, Health & Safety Manager, Training Facilitator for Doctors and Nurses and as a Nurse Assessor.

How I Can Help

Changing habits requires tools that motivate you by creating a positive mindset and buy-in. Essentially, we feed the "what's in it for me?" beast that lurks within!


I have been approached by managers and CEO's to help their staff learn effective ways of communicating.  Some of my executive clients experienced stress and anxiety in the workplace, and wanted to help their staff to access healthy ways of dealing with these. My skills enable me to share a number of mind techniques that help create necessary emotional breakthroughs.


Training packages for your business

During my time in those management roles outlined above I helped hospitals to achieve accreditation using the Shewhart-Deeming Process of Continuous Quality Assessment, I built and trained teams from scratch, helped doctors and nurses to maintain their CPD points for annual registration. Essentially, I helped people, teams and organizations to change for the better!

I can do the same for you and your business!

Why train with me?

My nursing and management career lasted 37 years. Overlapping this, Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy has been in business since 2009. As a Hypnotherapist I help to let go of the past, feel content with the present and plan for a better future, I teach people effective communication tools which empower them and those around them. As a Quality Manager I have facilitated training for doctors, nurses, hospital and community patients and relatives. I am also currently a trainer for The New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy and I teach Tai Chi 1-to-1 and in groups.


I provide Keynote talks, workshops, partnerships and personal consults which are focused on habit change through Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Exercise services, each underpinned by my unique personal and professional perspectives as a General Nurse and Mental Health Nurse and a variety of management roles. 

How I Work With You

Imagine you have personally benefited from my services such as for weight loss, to stop smoking, drinking or gambling, or from public speaking and team building.  Now I can bring those services to your entire team.


Maybe you are a member of a sports or social club, or work for yourself, or are part of a national body representing your profession, or work for a corporate business or in the public sector?


It is likely that you know of an exhibition or conference which could benefit from a speaker who can motivate your audience and turn the humdrum into the spectacular. That's where I come in!

If you like some of the stories I have touched upon so far, and maybe want to hear more, then this will be good news for you. I can craft Keynote speeches and workshops related to any of the services I offer. 


Furthermore I can provide an ongoing partnership with your company to follow on from the Keynote or workshop event.

Keynotes and workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and the audience. So, whether it's to bring NLP Excellence Modelling to your executive team, or telephone communication skills to your helpdesk team, or leadership building in your sports team, I can help you. Furthermore I can do that not just for now, but build a partnership for working with you in the future too.

Contact me for talks, presentations, Keynotes and workshops on 021 153 2508

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