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Stop Your Drinking Habit

Alcohol consumption is embedded into modern NZ culture. Allow me to give you a personal example of how I have concluded this. 


I migrated from the UK to NZ in January 2004. Since then I have been given bottles of wine for Christmas and my birthday, from my employers, work colleagues and friends. I have also won bottles of wine in raffles, and been gifted wine as a "Thank You" when I have helped out with various causes.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  But here's the shocking truth

No one in New Zealand has ever seen me drink alcohol, and yet they still gift it to me!

In fact, I last drank alcohol in 1992, a full 12 years before I set foot in NZ. You see, I gave up drinking alcohol overnight, with just a single decision. I was motivated by the discovery that my wife, Anne, had become pregnant with our son, Joel. He is a grown man now. My point is that everyone I have worked with has always assumed (never asked) that I drank alcohol. Every competition or raffle I have won gave prizes that were alcohol. There never seem to be any non-alcoholic drinks among the prizes. Even people whom I have since told that I do not drink alcohol, still gift it to me today. Many have told me they just can't understand that I don't drink.

So is it any wonder that I have clients who struggle to stop drinking wine and other alcohol, when living in this environment?

How I work with you and alcohol habits

The majority of people I work with don't want to just stop drinking alcohol completely, like I did. Most want to control consumption. However, if you do wish to completely stop, then we can make that the target too.

Hypnosis can help you to take back control, by identifying triggers for drinking, and taking the power away from them. 

My approach is to go through the effects of alcohol on your mind and body, including memory, sleep issues, nutrition and the dangers replacing alcohol with other substances, such as smoking, over-eating or drugs. I will work with you to end your relationship with alcohol safely.

I look forward to speaking to you soon, on 0211532508

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