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Growing up as a sports fan I quickly realized there were almost as many different types of coaches as there are sports.  My favourite tennis player had a Tennis Coach, my favourite football team had a Football Coach, and so on.  There are Life Coaches and Business Coaches, in fact the reality is there are many types of coaching, and even more types of coach. 


Coaching is the art of bringing out the best in people, and as a Coach in several modalities, I offer a wide variety of Coaching services to do just that


My Coaching Journey So Far

I have utilized the services of coaches for a variety of my interests. Recently I took to the stage at Hutt Repertory Theatre, and benefited from an Acting Coach who helped me to deliver the performance demanded of me by the Director.


During my Hypnotherapy training I became increasingly aware that words are my power, and of the need to better harness my main tool, my voice. So I treated myself to some consultations with Wellington's foremost Voice & Performance Coach, Diane Radford. She helped me to master the nose, mouth and throat exercises which still keep my voice box healthy today, as well as eliminating "ums", "ah's" and other filler words from my vocabulary.  That's very important for a Hypnotist

Life Coach

I must admit that when I first heard the term 'Life Coach' I was very young, and it did make me wonder why anyone would need a Coach to show them how to live! Surely that's what parents were for?  But I later came to realize that Life Coaching is about teaching the skills to participate in life in ways which make you feel happy, healthy, accepted and fulfilled. It's about that journey!

As a Life Coach I can facilitate the development of your communication skills. This can enable you to build rapport with your family, friends, social contacts, peers, employers and employees, and most importantly, how to communicate with yourself, using positive self-talk. 


I coach you in listening skills and speaking skills, with a specialist focus upon public speaking and the effective use of pauses and silence in communication. Added to this I can also call upon my experience as a member of Toastmasters to help you develop an elevator speech that makes you stand out in a crowd, particularly in job interviews and even on a date!


Business Coach

Many Life Coaching skills transfer effortlessly into the business and corporate world. To this I add my qualifications and experience as a Quality Manager, Health & Safety Manager, Root Cause Analysis Facilitator and PrInCE2 Project Manager to offer you and your business a broad portfolio of services to partner with. Together we identify your company's Mission and Vision Statements, and craft SMART Goals that are measurable and realistic. We identify your preferred direction of motivation, and how to use it most effectively to be your company's own personal cheerleader, motivating employees to work for you, customers to buy from you and shareholders to have faith in you. I work with you to develop corporate presentations, from concept to delivery and beyond. I am open to building a long term partnership with your company, for team-building and workshops, to help you grow your business success. 

Abundance Coach

Books relating to "The Secret" are among the most popular sellers. They are about abundance!  There is a theory in Psychology that what you focus upon increases. In essence, whenever you dedicate more time, energy and parts of your brain's vast processing power to focusing upon something, then you will perceive it more often. For example, when you focus upon saving money, the money you save increases, and when you focus upon spending money, the money you spend increases. When you focus upon pain, the neural pathways of your brain recognise what pain looks like, sounds like and feels like, dedicates more of your brain to the process, and so your pain increases. With these things, when you focus on them you notice an abundance of them.


The trick is therefore to avoid focusing upon the wrong things, such as negative emotions like pain, anger, fear, and instead to focus upon what you want, such as health, wealth and success 

I coach you to fully utilize your imagination and the power of your mind, and to focus upon the right things, so as to create personal transformations and breakthroughs. It incorporates not just the conscious, conversational model of life coaching, but also a deeper, unconscious process of helping you to harness the power of your imagination, your subconscious mind, and to get access to deeper resources, so that you can gain more audacious and ambitious results.

Abundance Hypnosis Coaching


The emotional artistry and suggestion techniques of hypnosis are added to all the above, to empower you to engage strong emotions at a sub-conscious level. This increases your motivation, whilst also locking in behavioural change far more quickly and easily

Contact Andrew For Coaching on 021 153 2508

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