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Pain Control with Hypnosis


This is me, Andrew Hardwick, proudly posing in my Taekwon-Do dobok at home.


At that time I was actively attending up to 3 martial arts lessons per week at Spirit Taekwon-Do Club in Brooklyn, Wellington. The Black Belt signifies I was a 1st Dan, a rank which took me nearly 10 years to attain.

In 2011 I was training hard to qualify for a grading, so that I could try to earn the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt, when I had an unfortunate accident during class. I fell awkwardly, dislocating my right foot and breaking my right tibia.  It was agony for the first minute or two. But as I had knowledge of hypnosis for pain control I brought myself to a comfort mindset even before the ambulance arrived to take me to hospital. The ambulance crew were astounded that I did not need their drugs for pain control!

At the hospital I needed to have some metal parts put into my ankle and leg to help them heal in the correct alignment.


4 months later I went back into hospital to have the metal parts removed. I used hypnosis instead of anaesthetic.


On the day, I walked into the Operating Room, lay down on the Surgeon's table and put myself into hypnosis. Then I nodded that I was deep enough for them to start. The Surgeon cut into my leg, removed the metal parts, then stitched up my leg. No anaesthetic!


As I had not had anaesthesia, I was sent from the OR to the post surgical ward, ate lunch within 10 minutes, and was sent home before others on the same OR List that morning (who had had anaesthesia) even woke up!  Honestly, it was harder to get the hospital to agree to me using hypnosis for analgesia and anaesthesia, than it was to do it!

With so many potential side effects of painkillers, and some high profile deaths related to addiction to painkillers, (allegedly) then why would anyone want to take them when they can stop pain, and even have surgery, with hypnosis?

How I Can Help You

If you are looking at this page specifically, then I imagine that either you or someone you know has some form of chronic pain, and maybe don't want a lifetime taking expensive and potentially addictive painkillers?


Maybe you have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, IBS, or maybe the painkillers you are already taking don't even work? Another possibility is that you could be pregnant and want to have your baby the natural way, without filling its bloodstream and yours with poisonous toxins? Or, you could be preparing for a painful procedure, such as chemotherapy, having a tooth extracted or getting a tattoo? On a more serious note, maybe you have been diagnosed by your doctor as having a terminal illness, and would prefer to be able to converse with your loved ones in your final days, rather than be non-compus-mentus for those precious farewells, by being drugged up to the eyeballs?


I have already helped people to be pain free with hypnosis in all of these scenarios, and many more besides.

Legal Stuff


As a Hypnotherapist I cannot legally, ethically nor morally advise you to not take medications prescribed by a doctor.  But what I can do is provide you with is a form of  analgesia or anaesthesia that they may not be able to offer you; Hypnosis. 


My advice is that you discuss hypnosis for analgesia or anaesthesia with your doctor, before you proceed. You can even give them my name and number, just in case they wish to discuss with me just what hypnosis can do for you.

Call me on 0211532508 if you wish to discuss how I can help you

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