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Andrew Hardwick is a Sport Wellington approved provider of Group Strength & Balance Programs

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How Tai Chi Can Help You


Originating in China, Tai Chi (alternately Taiji) is considered one of the oldest martial arts, and continues to influence 'newer' martial arts today. Tai Chi has the advantage that it can be practiced from a very young age to a very old age. When watching people practice tai chi, it looks slow, but to achieve graceful, strong movement at such speeds requires strength and balance of mind and body.


Over time, regular practice will enable you to increase your own serenity, breath control, coordination and flexibility of both mind and body, through gentle, low-impact exercises

My Tai Chi History

Martial arts has been part of my life ever since I saw my first Bruce Lee movie as a teenager.  For a while I trained in 3 martial arts, those being Taekwon-Do, Tai Chi and Kendo, for which I have competed in competitions in the UK & NZ

  • 1999 attended a workshop of Combat Tai Chi, with Master Willie Lim, in Sheffield, UK

  • 2004 Tai Chi Instructor in Wellington, Ray Poy at Qigong Tai Chi Chuan

  • 2012 devised Not Strictly Tai Chi approach and began coaching Tai Chi  

  • 2013 Added Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Energy forms by Dr Paul Lam, Founder of the Tai Chi For Health Foundation, Sydney, Australia, after training with him in Palmerston North

  • 2014 Contacted Dagmar Nissen Munn, creator of "Gentle Tai Chi - Meditation In Motion", which she created for patients on a Cardio-Thoracic Unit in the US, and gained permission to teach her form here in NZ.

  • Since 2015 Sport Wellington Approved Provider of Group Strength & Balance Classes, through my NSTC classes.

  • 2023 Member of NZ National Tai Chi Chuan Association Inc

Not Strictly Tai Chi


I have been a Tai Chi Instructor since 2009. My process is to blend traditional, modern and modified Tai Chi forms with gentle exercises, in sessions that I call "Not Strictly Tai Chi" (NSTC)


NSTC sessions can take the form of:

  • Private 1-2-1 coaching (same hourly rate as coaching)

  • Private groups (prices negotiable)

  • Talks and presentations

  • Workshops for clubs and business (prices negotiable)

  • In order to help people to continue to afford Tai Chi in these financially hard times, the prices for our pay as you go public sessions has not been raised since 2020 so remains at = $10 per person per class

  • Please note that some public classes may be offered with block booking options, such as our Te Kupenga o Rongmai - Maidstone Sports Hub classes, which are school term blocks

Forms & Exercises Commonly Taught At My Classes

  • Warm-Ups

  • The 8 Forms

  • The 24 Forms

  • Arthritis Form

  • Energy Form

  • Diabetes Form

  • Ba Duan Gin Qigong Exercise

  • Gentle Tai Chi - Meditation In Motion

  • Brocades (Simplification of 18 Silk Brocades)

  • The 4 Seasons Qigong

  • The 5 Animals Qigong Exercises

  • Strength & Balance Exercises

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Mindfulness Exercises

  • Cool Downs

Contact Andrew For Tai Chi on 021 153 2508

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