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I witnessed hypnosis for the first time in 1981, whilst working as a nurse. I vowed to myself right then that I would practice it one day, but inevitably life got in the way. So when I moved to NZ from the UK in 2004, I made a 5 year plan to switch career from nursing to Hypnotherapy.  Sure enough, 5 years later in 2009 I began my training in Hypnotherapy. Since then I have gained many Hypnotherapy qualifications. It enables me to do what I enjoy, which is helping people just like you to make positive life choices.

My Hypnotherapy journey so far


I have always prided myself in taking a scientific approach to life, valued the quest for answers, and long ago accepted the fact that each answer will inevitably lead to more questions.


What is Hypnosis?


In my studies of hypnosis I discovered that we can bypass that critical faculty in the conscious mind, which all too often tries to rationalize the irrational world in which we live. When this is accompanied by an intense focus on selective thinking about a goal, we enter what is known as hypnosis. It opens our minds to new possibilities.  These possibilities are often more easily accepted when offered as suggestions, rather than as commands or demands, and when such suggestions are empowering rather than restrictive.  Hypnosis opens the door to allow the thought that "I can't" to leave and to allow the thought that "I can" to enter!


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis for therapy, rather than for entertainment on the stage or in the street.


When that therapeutic application of hypnosis is also client centred & evidence based, then it may also be called Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Just as the study of Biology can be divided into Human Biology, Animal Biology, Plant Biology etc, so too can Hypnotherapy also be sub-divided, taught and practiced as separate entities, when appropriate and necessary. Each of these aspects also has an attraction of their very own, as you will see below

Preventative Hypnotherapy

My doctor has often told me that prevention is better than cure. Medical practices have for years been providing preventative medical advice and interventions. Hypnotherapy too can be used for prevention. The hypnotic installation of habits that can prevent overeating may help to reduce risks of obesity, and the prevention of response to behavioural triggers can reduce or stop smoking, drinking, gambling and outbursts of anger. By using hypnosis to control pain, we can reduce the use of many painkillers, some of which have addictive and occasionally lethal consequences.

Please ask me for more information about how Preventative Hypnotherapy can help you.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Does it bug you when you know there's something wrong, but frustratingly you can't put your finger on what it is, or when it started? It does bug me!  That's where Analytical Hypnotherapy can assist you. The hypnotic process called regression can enable you to recall when problems began, and even identify the causes. We can help you to identify patterns that your unconscious mind is reacting to, even if your conscious mind is not aware of it. In some cases hypnosis can also be used to analyse your actions when you last handled a lost object that you want to find. Plus, hypnosis may bring great joy as Reminiscence Therapy and Time-Line Therapy empower you to recall forgotten memories. Ask me how I can help you find the answers within yourself


Supportive Hypnotherapy


It's part of human nature to need some form of support from someone or something, sometimes. Using hypnosis to learn how to just relax at will, or how to put yourself to sleep can have a cumulative positive effect on your general wellbeing. Also, hypnosis can be used to offer support in a similar way to medicine. It is sad, but true, that not all ailments are curable even by modern medicine. Where this is the case, doctors often provide medications which reduce the symptoms of an illness, in order to support their patient's quality of life. Supportive Hypnotherapy can do the same. Using hypnosis to reduce pain, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorders, anxiety and stress can enhance your life. Ask me how I can support you with hypnosis

Abundance Hypnotherapy

Both "The Secret" and "The Law Of Attraction" get a lot of coverage in the media. They are essentially Abundance Hypnotherapy, which is designed to change your focus from what  you have got, to what you want. This is important, as psychological studies suggest that what we focus upon appears to increase, notably because we dedicate more brain power, time and energy into it. Hence, if you have an abundance of pain, and continue to focus on that pain, the pain may appear to increase. So why not imagine you have an abundance of comfort, and allow that to increase instead? When I was Quality Manager at Southern Cross Hospital, Wellington, I suggested to the Clinical Nurse Specialist that we replace the nurse's Pain Scale with a Comfort Scale. We monitored the amount of painkillers issued, and not surprisingly they went down. Not only was that focus on comfort more healthy for the patients, but the potential saving of money otherwise spent on painkillers is also appealing.

Mindfulness Hypnotherapy

This is another of the popular health buzzwords of the past decade. We live in a high pressure world, where stress and anxiety are rife. Stress is time-dependent, originating in the past while being experienced in the present. Conversely, anxiety often relates to the future, and negative anticipation of how potential events may unfold. With stress making us worry about what did happen in the past and anxiety making us worry about what could happen in the future, Mindfulness has gained its popularity by enabling you to escape both stress and anxiety by focusing on the present.


Beware however, that Mindfulness is a double-edged sword, and so should only be taught by qualified practitioners. After all, why would you want to stay focused on the present, if the present sucks? I have a specific certification in Mindfulness and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and can help you.

Boutique Hypnotherapy

When you think of a boutique, it's probably in relation to some kind of beauty treatment, such as hair, nails etc. You go to a boutique to have some kind of treatment which makes you look good and feel good. Well, Boutique Hypnotherapy is the same. After all, beautiful minds can lead to beautiful bodies!

Weighing too much can sometimes cause you to think of yourself as not beautiful. One of my weight loss hypnosis programs can help you to let go of that weight, and feel inspired to exercise your body into the amazing shape you desire.  Some people only appear in photographs with their lips together. They miss out on having a lovely smile because of a fear of going to the Dentist. If that's you, I can help! Maybe you want a beautiful looking set of long, strong nails, but you bite them. Hypnosis can stop that nail biting habit, so that you can allow them to grow, naturally. 

Another source of beauty is your skin. If you have skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and warts, then the good news is that they respond very well to hypnosis. If you are one those people who love to adorn your skin with works of art, then maybe you want to have a tattoo. I can remove your fear of needles and teach you how to control the pain while being being tattooed. Or perhaps you already have a tattoo, but now want it removed and are afraid of the pain of laser removal? Hypnosis can help you with that too. Maybe you feel better when you can relax? If so, then one of my Just Relax sessions can help you. Need beauty sleep? Well, as a Hypnotist I not only put people to sleep, but I can also teach you how to put yourself to sleep, too!

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