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Treat your team to a choice of talks & workshops

  • Finding your "WHY?"

  • Skills and confidence for public speaking

  • Team building for business success

  • Team building for performance in sport

  • Support for Diabetes with Hypnotherapy & Tai Chi

  • Support for Arthritis with Hypnotherapy & Tai Chi

  • Improving Balance with Hypnotherapy & Tai Chi

  • Conserve Energy with Hypnotherapy & Tai Chi

  • Comfort & Movement with Hypnotherapy & Tai Chi

  • Turn Pain to Comfort with Hypnotherapy

  • The Pendulum - Where Physics Meets Hypnotherapy

  • It's All In Your Head (The Solution That Is!)

  • Tai Chi For Kindergarten

  • Motive + Action = Motivation

  • Walk From Issue To Solution With NLP Logical Levels

  • Self-Hypnosis With Intention

  • Tai Chi - A Storytelling Approach To Gentle Exercise

  • Fight, Flight & Freeze - The Trilogy

  • ...and there's more in development...

Or I Can Design Talks & Workshops Specifically For You!

Not everyone enjoys public speaking! Personally, I enjoy it so much that one of my hobbies is going to ToastMasters. My wife thinks I just enjoy the sound of my own voice!

If your team needs a motivational talk to focus on success in business, sport, education or maybe something else, I can help!

I can design a talk and/or workshop for your specific needs

Or, if you want general information about how many of my services can help you deliver your services to your clients, patients or members, I can do that too!

Face-To-Face & Online Options Available

Call my Habit Change Hotline on 0211532508 to arrange a meeting. As soon as I know the specifics of what you need I can start to put together a quote for you.

Not-For-Profit Organisations Get First 30 mins talk FREE

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