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Interviews are an unavoidable part of life


It's hard to think of a time when there hasn't been a chat show of some description on the TV. The tried and tested format is for the host to interview a number of special guests, either celebrities or sportspeople, or someone recently in the news.


For me, the shining example of the gold standard interviewer will always be Sir Michael Parkinson.  His interviews with former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mohammad Ali, and the great Scottish Comedian Billy Connolly stand out as world class examples of how to conduct interviews.

But although we may aspire to attain the gold standards set by Sir Michael, it is more realistic that you develop a practical knowledge of how to interview and (more likely) how to be interviewed for events such as job interviews, networking and even to go on dates.

Most of the time you will be the person being interviewed, and perhaps sometime you may need to be the interviewer. Either way, I can coach you to prepare for an interview.


How I Coach You For Interviews

Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, having the opportunity to practice the key elements of an interview are vital. 


Firstly, I will coach you for general preparation for interviews. This included how to calm your mind, build rapport with the other person, maintain vocal control and appropriate eye contact.


Also I will coach you in issues relevant to a specific interview, such as researching your answers, practicing what to say and how to say it, how to open, build and close a conversation in a way that is relevant to the specific interview.

Coaching will include rehearsing your interview to build your confidence

Contact me for Interview Techniques on 021 153 2508

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