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Just Relax

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to chill out and relax?

Maybe it's a time when there are no big, burning issues to resolve, no illnesses to fight and no plans to make. One of those times when you just want to find peace, calm, serenity and tranquility on a beach, or in a park or garden? Bliss!

The only practical problem is, you might not actually be near a beach, a park or a garden

You may in fact be at home, indoors, because it's your day off and it's raining!

Well, with hypnosis that doesn't have to stop you!

One of the most common misconceptions of hypnosis is that hypnosis is relaxation. Well it's not relaxation,  BUT hypnosis is very relaxing.  Using hypnosis you can imagine being where you want to be, and that the weather is perfect there, and there can be company or not

Just Relax is like a massage, given with words!

I offer my Just Relax service for those moments when you just want to get away, in your own mind, to a place that makes you feel mellow, safe, happy and content

Just Relax is delivered like a massage, but instead of using my hands I use my hypnotic words to systematically relax each part of your body in turn, enabling you to drift off into a floaty dreamtime and just chill out.  In many ways, it resembles an old school style of (very slow) hypnotic induction, called Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)


This can then be followed by a visualisation of your choice, or even lucid dreaming

I guess the burning question on your mind right now is "why not just have a massage?"

Well, not everyone can. For example, you or someone you know may suffer with Fibromyalgia or another medical condition which makes being touched painful. Or, you simply may not enjoy being physically touched, for whatever reason. These Just Relax sessions open up the possibility for you to enjoy a massage style experience, even without physical touch.

If you are interested, please ask me about the 30 minutes and 60 minutes options

Call me now on 0211532508

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