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Find Lost Items With Hypnosis

Imagine my surprise when my phone rang, and a friend said "I packed my jewellery away when we moved house, and now I can't remember which box it's in. We're going to a function this evening and I need something to wear. Can you help me find them?" There were dozens of almost identical boxes, and very little time.

As I have rarely turned away an interesting challenge, I agreed to have a go. My friend did not have time to come to see me from her new home, so we agreed I would hypnotize her over the phone. To cut a long story short, she had her jewels in her hands while still under hypnosis, and before the phone call ended.

That was the first time I had used hypnosis to find a lost object. I have done it many times since.

It is not always possible of course, particularly if a third party may have moved the lost item, but I welcome your call to ask if I can help. 


All calls will be considered on an individual basis.

Call now on 0211532508

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