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Memory Reconsolidation

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Old Friends
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Memories are the precious treasures that connect us to our past.


Imagine my sadness when, one day in my 40's I realized that I could not remember my late mother, who had passed away when I was 20 years old. Oh, I had photographs of her, and could recognize her of course.

I could also remember holidays and the times we had at home. But what I could not remember were those precious moments, like the look in her eyes, her smile and that special "Mum" look we all know and love! Nor could I recall her voice, and how she called my name when I had done something right, or more often, when I had done wrong!

During an Advanced Hypnotherapy course, we were practicing a technique called regression, and one of my classmates took on the challenge of trying to retrieve a memory of my Mum for me. Under hypnosis, he took me back in time to childhood memories of a holiday at the Butlin's Holiday Camp, in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England. It was dinner time and I was 7 years old, and hiding under the dining table, obscured by a table cloth. Then, it happened! The smiling face of my Mum floated into view like an angel, accompanied by her soft, tender voice asking me to come out to eat my dinner.  Well, I can tell you the tears flowed right there and then. My colleague had moved whatever block had prevented me from remembering my Mother, and lo and behold there she was. But that was not the end of it. For several days afterwards, more and more images of my Mum would float up into my mind when I was least expecting it. In moments when I was bored, or daydreaming...POP, there was another memory, and another!

That was when I thought of how special it may be for you and your loved ones to have access to a means of remembering precious moments too. Moments such as that first kiss or first dance, good times spent with a long-lost friend etc. 


Memory reconsolidation sessions could be used for yourself, or even given as a present to a loved one

The recall of very specific memories is not always possible of course, particularly if there has been a trauma to the head, frequent use of alcohol or memory limiting drugs, or an illness such as Altzheimers. Also, releasing some good memories can incidentally release bad ones too. We should discuss your concerns when you enquire.

Please note that these sessions are not for use in legal issues, such as to recall events of a crime, or the contents of a will. Hypnotherapy can only be used as legal testimony when performed by a Court Appointed Forensic Hypnotherapist, which sadly I am not. Such professionals are invariably doctors. If you have need for a Forensic Hypnotherapist, then perhaps your own legal advisor can contact one for you?

Also, these sessions are not of a Spiritualist nature. We are not speaking to Spirit in these sessions. Rather, under hypnosis we would seek to access your own memories of what was said in a special moment, which may otherwise have been buried under years of events.

I welcome your call to ask if I can help, and will treat all inquiries on an individual basis.

Call me now on 0211532508

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