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Stop Smoking & Vaping With Hypnosis


"Andrew was able to help me with smoking cessation thru hypnotherapy.

He put me at ease from the first moment with him.

I found him through word of mouth.

He was recommended to me via someone who had used his services.

I am smokefree still"

Shona writes about being a non-smoker

Both my parents were smokers of cigarettes.

For my father, smoking was a particularly debilitating habit. I recall one time, not long after our mother had passed away, that my father tried to stop smoking. It was as if he had left our home, and a complete stranger had walked in. He became a different personality. Eventually, it was my sister and I that gave in and, wanting our loving father back, actually bought him a packet of cigarettes ourselves. I am not proud of that day, but at the time I did not know how I could help him to stop. 


Oh, I wish I'd had my hypnosis training way back then!

Today I reflect upon those times and realize that I could have helped my father to stop smoking very easily, with hypnosis.


How do I know that?


Hypnosis can help you address how you think about issues from the past that started you smoking in the first place, and issues in the present that keep you smoking now, and potential behaviours that you could anticipate happening in the future, after you stop smoking. In other words, hypnosis covers your behaviour in the past, present and future, and that's an aspect of smoking cessation which methods such as cold turkey, nicotine gums and patches and electronic smoking facsimiles cannot do.

My approach is to treat smoking as a relationship between yourself and your smokes. We will also address the effects of nicotine on your body, the nicotine-caffeine balance, smoke inhalation recovery, and also address the dangers of oral fixation, so that you don't replace putting cigarettes in your mouth with other substances, such as alcohol, over-eating or drugs. I will work with you to end your relationship with smoking safely.

I don't promise a 1 session fix for 100% of people, because that's simply not realistic. Nor do I tie you down to a minimum number of sessions. My aim is to get you there SAFELY, in as few sessions as possible.

For my stop smoking sessions I offer a 2 session program

  1. Preparation session, getting you ready to end your relationship with smoking, and setting a quit day

  2. Quit Day session, done with the aim that you leave as a non smoker


Allow approximately an hour for each session

  • Alternately, some people choose to do the whole thing in one long session


Face-to-face sessions are available at my clinic in Petone

I also offer sessions online via Zoom


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