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Stop Your Gambling Habit 

Testimonial: Hypnosis to stop gambling

The following video is shared with the full knowledge and consent of the client

My upbringing was spent within a family of gamblers

For my mother, her joy was bingo and horse racing, whilst for my father, brother and sister it was horse and dog racing.  My father and brother were also avid casino goers, often playing roulette, cards and all the other games there, including pokie machines.  My parents often argued about gambling, a sad reality which continued into my generation, and caused me to fall out with my brother on many occasions. So, as you can see, I am aware through personal experience of how gambling can tear families apart.

Now, please don't misunderstand me, because I can't claim to not be a gambler. In fact I admit I gambled in a different way.  I gambled on moving around the world from the UK, to live in New Zealand, a country I had never even visited before setting off.  I gambled on stepping away from a long career in nursing, with a secure salary, in order to become the Hypnotherapist I am today. From a certain perspective, some might say that I took the bigger gambles.

The truth is that, in some way, somehow, everyone gambles!  The buzz of gambling comes from the potential gain, and of how life may change for the better. Sometimes it does, such as I now have a far greater quality of life here in New Zealand than the one I left behind in the UK

Today I reflect upon those times and realize that I could have helped my family to control gambling very easily, if only I had known more about hypnosis at the time.


How do I work with you and gambling?


Hypnotherapy can help you address how you think about issues from the past that started you gambling in the first place, and issues in the present that keep you gambling now, and potential behaviours that you could anticipate happening in the future. In other words, hypnosis covers your behaviour in the past, present and future.

My approach will go through the effects of gambling on your mindset. I will work with you to take control. I can't promise you a complete and permanent stop, but I know you will notice an increase in your self-control

If you are ready to stop gambling BOOK NOW

I look forward to speaking to you soon, on 0211532508

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