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Weight & Shape Process (WASP)

"Wasps hang around sweet things all day, but when did you last see a fat one?"

Andrew Hardwick, 2009

My Personal Weight Loss Journey Led To WASP

Like so many people, I have had my battles with weight. Over the years, there were many times when I wished there was a way for me to stick to a diet, and somehow stop eating and drinking the yummy, high carbohydrate goodies that seem to effortlessly float from a shop, via the fridge to my mouth, all too easily. 


For years my doctors told me to go on a diet, and one even advised me to have invasive surgery for my weight. They said I had the early warning signs of diabetes and high blood pressure, and even diagnosed me with that horrible label, "obese"!  Well, I thought to myself, enough is enough!  After qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, the first process I developed, for myself and others, was WASP

  • WASP = Weight And Shape Process

What Is WASP?

WASP stands for Weight And Shape Process

What Is Involved In A WASP Weight And Shape Process?


WASP is a 4 step process, during which we work together to devise for you a personal weight loss program tailor-made to suit your personal preferences and goals. The structure is outlined below, and I will weave your specific changes within this framework.

Step 1 ~ Let It Go!


Your journey begins with letting go of old, outdated or negative thoughts, emotions, habits and expectations which either caused you to put weight on, or prevented you from taking weight off. One way of looking at it is as a de-cluttering!


Step 2 ~ Set Your Intention!

Your weight loss journey needs a destination. Here we deal with the triple-threat of procrastination, inertia and indecision, to motivate and laser-focus your mind on your goals


Step 3 ~ Stop & Replace!

Now we zoom in and target the specific eating, exercise and social habits you don't need, stopping them, and replacing them with new habits that you want

Step 4 ~ The Future Is Yours!

Experience a visualisation of the future you, seeing yourself attaining and maintaining the weight and shape that you desire, doing the things you want to do, complete with the knowledge that you are unstoppable

How do I get my W.A.S.P?

Who is W.A.S.P. for?

I find that people who prefer sport and exercise to diet favour this methodology. Also, I have worked with people who had such bad experiences of hospitals that they did not want to even experience the imaginary stomach surgery of the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) 

W.A.S.P. can be used for adults and children

For more information or to Make A Booking, call 0211532508 NOW!

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