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Scope of Practice

Focus on positive outcomes

Andrew Hardwick is a member of


We will adhere to the scope of practice set by each of those membership organisations, for their respective modalities.


Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy specialises in habit change, and so has defined a more specific scope of practice, focusing upon habit change through the pursuit of positive outcomes.


Our scope of practice is to work collaboratively with YOU, as our client, to explore the habits and behaviours that you would like to change. We aim to support you in overcoming any obstacles to that desired change, which may arise along the way.  Our focus is on helping you to let go of old, outdated habits from the past, in order to create the positive changes you desire in the present and future.  

We will only use regression techniques if they can help in this goal.


We do not do past life regression, but are happy to refer you on to someone who does, if you wish. 

The tools we utilise for habit change include, but are not limited to:


We believe that you have the potential to create meaningful change in your life, and we will do our best to help you achieve it.


For appointments more than 48 hours in advance please use our Book Now facility
To be seen urgently within the next 48 hours please call Andrew directly on 021 153 2508

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