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The Law Of Attraction Bot

Have you ever woken up one morning, only to notice that your email inbox is full of adverts for the very thing you searched for just before you went to bed?

Last night, for instance, I was looking for a garden shed, and lo and behold, the following morning my inbox was full of ads for them.

Isn’t it amazing how often that happens?

Well actually, no, it isn’t amazing

It’s by design

Someone, somewhere in the world, was paid to create what’s known as a “bot”, or in broader terms, spyware. This bot has just one job, and that’s to track your search habits, telling the person or company who created it what you are looking for. 

Now, there are two extremes of how you may perceive this

On the one hand, it may sound a little bit like George Orwell’s 1984, with privacy being history and all your movements being watched by “them”, the authorities. But on the other hand, by knowing what you are searching for , they can then send you the ads, empowering you to find what you want

So here’s my question to you...

What if the Law Of Attraction is the spyware bot of the universe, and has the job of tracking what you are searching for then showing you it’s there?

Do you:

(a) curse the universe for its Orwellian tracking of your secret desires, or do you

(b) utilise this knowledge to adjust your thought processes so that your search for the right thing and the universe then sends it to you?

The choice is yours!

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