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Structures and Constructs

Structures & Constructs

It's that time of year when trees, lights and other temporary structures are constructed, ready for the Holiday Season

But the human mind, YOUR MIND, constructs other structures too, and builds them far faster than your hands can follow.

Expectation and past experience has already laid the foundation for your mind to construct the annual arguments you are going to have at this time of year, constructed the hurtful words itching to be spoken, and constructed the guilt and remorse you will feel after saying them. It happens every year, because Holiday anxiety is a very negative construct.


There are other constructs too. Pain, fear, anger, guilt - all of these negative emotions are constructs of the mind too.

Holiday anxiety, pain, fear, anger, guilt, and in fact any negative emotion can be deconstructed. Once that's done, the power they once had over you will be no more.

You just have to know how to do it

Fortunately, that's my job!

At Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy we help you to deconstruct negative emotions such as anxiety, pain, fear, guilt and anger, so that you can enjoy your life without them

Wouldn't that be a great gift to give to yourself, or to someone you love, for this Holiday season?

Call me on 0211532508 to find out more

or visit

Online consultations via Zoom

Face to face consultations in Petone, New Zealand

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