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3 Mindset Tips To Navigate The Cost-Of-Living Crisis

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

The world has changed a lot in the past few years, as the combined effects of COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and both local and national political issues continue to impact on the people of New Zealand.

In an article entitled "Soaring Cost of Living Hits New Zealanders Hard" recently posted by the New Zealand Herald, reference was made to a study of how 1 in 4 New Zealanders regularly struggle to make ends meet, every month. I know from looking around my own town of #UpperHutt, that many large businesses have reluctantly been forced to downsize, and many small businesses have closed down over these past 12 - 24 months in particular. The number of empty office spaces seems to have risen, along with the number of people requiring food parcels and charitable handouts.

All this can play havoc with your #mindset, at a time when your #mentalhealth and #wellbeing drive the need for you to become more #resilient than ever before, for your business, your whanau and yourself. It is with this in mind that I offer you these 3 Mindset Tips To Navigate The Cost-Of-Living Crisis


When money is scarce and we have to tighten the purse strings, it is all too easy to go into survival mode

Another name for survival mode is playing to not lose, and it creates problems all of its own. Playing to not lose (or waste) money, playing to not lose jobs, playing to not lose faith and playing to not lose hope are all symptomatic of this mindset. The problem here is #Psychology and a phenomenon known as "The Law of Concentrated Attention" (Ref: Émile Coué 1857 - 1926)

Essentially, the Law of Concentrated Attention implies that whatever the mind focuses upon, increases.

For example, have you ever purchased something new, such as a car of a particular make, shape and colour, only to then realise just how many cars of that particular make, shape and colour there actually are on the road? You know it! But in fact, there were no more now than there were before you bought your new car, but your brain now associates you with cars of that make, shape and colour (through a psychological process called #association) and so you now notice them more. They appear to be more #abundant.

An #abundancemindset is a good thing, EXCEPT when we focus upon negatives!

Hence, when money is scarce, such as during a cost-of-living crisis, we tend to focus upon what we cannot afford, and consequently we see more of it. The brain actually looks for things we cannot afford, such as the mortgage, rent, food and the basics of life. Inevitably this focus upon what we cannot afford can lead to an increase in #anxiety, #stress, #depression, #anger, #insomnia, #gambling, #alcoholism, #smoking, #weight and a whole raft of #mentalhealth, #physicalhealth, #relationship and #socialissues, all of which can make matters worse.

"So how do I play to win?" you ask...

Focus on what you CAN afford! As obvious as this sounds, in times of financial crisis people do not to do it.

Most people continue to focus upon what they can't afford, inevitably leading to the problems I described earlier. But, by actively making an effort to focus upon what you can afford, then guess what? Your mind begins to see an abundance of things you can afford instead. When this happens it can feel as if your world has changed, because there appears to be an abundance of things that are now financially affordable, when previously there appeared not to be. In fact, those affordable items were there all along, but your mind was not open to seeing them, just like those cars of that specific make, shape and colour.

Over time, the #Psychology of seeing what you can afford can become a new habit, and you will begin to see #abundance instead of deficit, eventually thinking like the winner that you truly are!

Focusing upon what you can afford brings us to tip number 2


Have you ever paused to realise how powerful a list is? If you build a business, with a view to on-selling it, a large part of the value of that business will be its list of customers. The bigger the list, the more potential custom, hence the value of your business goes up for potential buyers. But lists are not just for businesses. Lists are for life! If you have children who attend after school activities, such as sport, think about how elated they are when selected for the team. A team sheet is a list of players deemed so important that the #Coach wants them on the field of play. When you look at your agenda for the day, that's a list of things you need to do. There are lists of things you most definitely want to be on, such as recipients of a prize, and there are lists of things you definitely don't want to be on, such as suspects in a Police investigation.

Lists are everywhere, and the power of them is both enormous and underestimated!

As a #Hypnotherapist and #LifeCoach I sometimes invite my clients to write a list of the "Top 10 Most Important People To Take Care of Today" Sadly it no longer surprises me when most people do not even put themselves on that list, when the truth is they should always put themselves at the top of it. Putting yourself at the top of a list of people to take care of today is vitally important, because if you don't think you are important, then why should anyone else? It sets a precedent. By not putting yourself top of your list of important people you inadvertently act as a #rolemodel giving others permission to not treat you as important too. So go ahead and put yourself top of that list today. In fact, pause reading and do it right now!

Ah, that's better. Now your #mindset is moving forward!

Let's #reflect for a moment on Tip 1 - PLAY TO WIN and combine it with Tip 2 - MAKE A LIST

Take a few moments to MAKE A LIST OF THINGS YOU CAN AFFORD & THINGS YOU CAN DO even during a cost-of-living crisis. Having made that list, now prioritise them, putting the most important things at the top

Great, you now are now ready for Tip 3


It is important to understand that the cost-of-living crisis is a product of mankind’s collective actions in the past, and that only corrective actions taken by amazing people such as yourself in the present and future will resolve it. The cost-of-living crisis will not resolve itself, but a single person taking decisive can start to resolve it, and by doing so create a Win-Win for everyone! Taking decisive action is both #motivating and #empowering, because by taking action you essentially say to yourself “I am NOT a victim!”

You are now armed with your new PLAY TO WIN mindset You are now armed with a LIST OF THINGS YOU CAN AFFORD & THINGS YOU CAN DO Now go out there and get the things on that list

As you tick off each item from your list you will realise how much you can afford and how much you can do YOU ARE TAKING CONTROL Thank you for taking the time to read this My hope is that you found some gem of hope from these words Be well and stay safe in these strange times sincerely Andrew Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy Training & Consultancy Office 7, 185 Main Street, Upper Hutt 5018 t: ++64 211532508

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