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Testimonial: Hypnosis for Motorbike Riding

Today I would like to share with you this delightful testimonial I received from a client who was very pleased with her success after completing my anxiety management process, The Enabling Choice

"Hi Andrew

Please feel free to use this in your website but don't use my name, thanks.

I chose Andrew from other websites because he was more down to earth, with a nursing background in mental health. I was not a believer in anything that wasn't 'mainstream' until i met him. Wow, he totally changed my opinions.

I went to him because i ride a motorbike and love it but had lost confidence to such a degree that i thought i would have to give up riding and sell my bike. I felt desperate. Anything was worth a try. He helped me to realise that i had stress, doubt and anxiety. Something i had not even realised! 

I knew nothing about hypnotherapy and was quite nervous but felt a total trust in this man who told me he could help me. He did. He had listened. He explained what would happen. He gave me time. I went into a deep hypnosis and he blew away those anxieties. It has worked. My confidence is back and i feel so happy. 

I chose not to write this testimonial immediately and give myself time because i wanted to ensure it kept working. It has. It does work.

I have ridden my bike all over, in places that scared me, using skills i had forgotten, like a different person. 

Thank you Andrew"

Hypnosis can help YOU to enjoy riding again too!

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