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Hearing aids

My wife had been telling me for years that I needed my hearing checked. As always my vanity head got in the way and I found one excuse after another to not go. Then, one day my practical head told me enough was enough, and I found myself walking in for an Audiology appointment. Wow how that has changed my life!

Did you know teabags thud when they hit the base of  a cup? 

If I knew once, then clearly I forgot!

Now I hear the world in a vastly different way. Oh it wasn't always easy, no. Truth is, there were ďays when those hearing aids were painful to wear, they didn't fit and they hot me down. But after a few trips to the Audiologist I was happy and now my world is so much better!  

In fact, my world has expanded and I now hear the world differently, as well hearing a more abundant amount of the wonderful sounds within it. Our beloved cat, Gamora, surely has the most relaxing purr I  the Universe, and our gorgeous dog, Nyota, wags her tail so quickly it sounds like a helicopter raring to go! 

This whole experience has served to remind me about you, and your own battles with change. For me it was vanity that stopped me admitting I needed help with my hearing, even when loved ones were telling me, for my own good. 

Maybe your loved ones are telling you about something you could change, like how much you drink, eat, smoke or gamble, or how much pain you needlessly tolerate every day? Maybe you're finding excuses like I did? Excuses not to change

Like I said, one day my practical head took over, and then my world changed. Maybe you're like me? We change when we are ready to change, because at the end of the day, that's the right time to do it. Oh, but when we change, then BOOM! The world expands and there is so much more to enjoy about it!

My world expanded when I overcame the habit of listening to my vanity, and I was rewarded by hearing sounds I haven't enjoyed for years! How will your world expand when you overcome a habit that has held you back? What will you gain by changing a habit?

I hope one day you let me help you find out

p.s. Yesterday I took my Audiologist's advice again and bought a hat to protect my ears. Hope you like it!

To your health and happiness

Be well


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