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"Wasps hang around sweet things all day, but when did you last see a fat one?"

Andrew Hardwick

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My Personal Weight Loss Journey Led To WASP

Like so many people, I have had my battles with weight. Over the years, there were many times when I wished there was a way for me to stick to a diet, and somehow stop eating and drinking the yummy, high carbohydrate goodies that seem to effortlessly float from a shop, via the fridge to my mouth, all too easily. 


For years my doctors told me to go on a diet, and one even advised me to have invasive surgery for my weight. They said I had the early warning signs of diabetes and high blood pressure, and even diagnosed me with that horrible label, "obese"!  Well, I thought to myself, enough is enough!  After qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, the first process I developed, for myself and others, was WASP

  • WASP = Weight And Shape Programming

What Is WASP?

WASP stands for Weight And Shape Programming.


It is a combined Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Exercise process that I have developed in-house, based upon my own experiences, and enhanced over the years through feedback from my clients. 


I have been offering it to my weight loss clients since 2009, long before I met Sheila Granger and trained in her Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis Program (VGB)

What Is Involved In WASP Weight And Shape Programming?


WASP is a 4 session process, during which we work together to devise for you a personal weight loss program tailor-made to suit your medical & personal needs. The structure is outlined below, and I will weave your specific changes within this framework.