Tenth Anniversary

9th February 2009 - 9th February 2019

Today is the 10th Anniversary for Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy

Back in 2009 Andrew worked just 1 day per week as a Hypnotherapist & Time Line Therapy Practitioner, whilst also holding down a 4 day week as the Quality Manager for Southern Cross Hospital, Wellington

Today, Andrew is open 6 days per week, across venues in Upper Hutt and Petone, and sees clients from other parts of NZ and the world, via Skype. Andrew is now a Trainer at the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy, and has added NLP, EFT, SleepTalk and Life Coaching to his growing list of therapy qualifications. He has also launched his brand Not Strictly Tai Chi an Approved Provider of Group Strength and Balance Programs.

What Of The Future?

Having spent the first 10 years building the foundations of his business through a focus upon weight loss and habit change, Andrew has now changed his focus toward Strength & Balance

Strength of Mind

In the context of Andrew's services, having strength of mind, does not imply being stubborn or wanting your own way all the time. It means having a resilient mind that is able to identify what really matters, let go of whatever is holding you back, is able to create a new you for the future, and able to identify and follow a new path.

Andrew's new Hypnotherapy protocol "Enabling Choice" will address this

Balance of Mind

Whether you are a Post War baby Boomer, Generation X, Y or a Millennial, the reality is that all generations have anxiety and stress

Balancing the needs of work and life present different challenges for different people. For example, a single person, one parent family and couple have different priorities, but all experience stress within their own context. Andrew's Hypnotherapy, NLP & Life Coaching sessions will empower you to attain and maintain balance of mind.

Strength of Body

What the mind conceives, the body can deliver, but only if it is healthy and strong. Andrew's own brand "Not Strictly Tai Chi" has developed over the past decade, and combines elements from traditional, modern and modified tai chi forms, plus mindfulness and gentle exercise. The emphasis is upon replacing unhealthy movement habits with life-empowering new ways of movement, building cardio-vascular strength and musculo-skelatel strength.

Balance of Body

Addressing imbalance is not just about reducing trips and falls, although that is part of the process. But also, within the body are vital systems which all need to function synchronously and in balance, in order for health to be maintained. Making small but targeted changes in body movement, proprioreception and centre of gravity, as well as nutritional and exercise habits can have a positive, cumulative effect on your body balance and health. Combining tai chi, personal training and talk therapies, Andrew is able to offer you a full, personalised package

The Balance of Mind & Body

In a state of health, your mind and body work together in harmony

However, it is when your mind and body do not work together in harmony that illness creeps in. This is because all physical activity has a psychological element, and conversely, all psychological activity has a phy