Enabling Choice

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Enabling Choice is Andrew Hardwick's signature anxiety management process. Underpinned by 
almost 50 years of experience in nursing, project management and Hypnotherapy, it empowers you to let go of whatever is holding you back, to create a new you for the future, and then to choose a different path for your journey of change.
Enabling Choice is a deep-trance experience
There may be tears
There will be change!
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What is Enabling Choice©?

“An intuitive process for Enabling you to let go of your thoughts, emotions, fears and anxieties, and so reveal an abundance of previously unseen Choice, safe in the privacy of your own mind” Andrew Hardwick 2019    

By their very nature, most therapies tend to be intrusive.  Some therapies intrude into our body physically, for example through surgery.  Others intrude upon our body chemistry, as prescription medications, nutritional supplements, herbs and essences. Yet more intrude our senses, through aroma, colour, sound. Many therapies intrude upon emotions, through questions which force us to focus on past events, anxieties and fears, some of which we would rather not choose to revisit.

The problem with the above approaches is twofold:


  • Firstly, they don’t work for everyone - For example, if a mountain represents an issue, and you talk about that mountain for 2 - 3 years, after all that time it will still be a mountain! This is why I often get self-referrals from people who have been talking round an issue for years and who have expressed the belief that they have achieved little or nothing.

  • Secondly, when we draw attention to a source of anxiety, hurt or fear, we actually dedicate more brain power, time and energy into focusing on the very things we want to be rid of.  In other words, it is made to be more noticeable and prominent, so the therapy feels intrusive and unwelcome and hence we tend to resist it.  We fight the therapy, because going along with it, and revisiting or describing “IT”, is simply too painful.

All this increases our anxiety and leads to frustration that “it’s not working”, an increase in fear that “no one can help me”, and inevitably to a loss of hope, maybe even depression.
Conclusion: Sometimes intrusive therapy approaches can make things worse!

Enabling Choice© is different!

We work on simple principles.

We won’t ask you to talk for hours about what “IT” is, nor the anxieties, fears, expectations or memories you are holding onto that you need to let go of.  Nor will we take you back to relive “IT”. Instead, we guide you into a mindset whereby you can let go of “IT” in the privacy of your own mind. You never need to divulge to us what “IT” is that you let go of.

So how does that work?

Have you every noticed, for example, that some people who may never sing in public, actually sing in the shower when they believe no one is listening? Or maybe you know someone who dances in the kitchen, when they think no one is watching?
Without intrusion, there is freedom to release!
If this approach appeals to you, please read on

Who is Enabling Choice© for?

Our approach will appeal to anyone who wants an alternative to conventional medical or talk therapies.  We believe our approach can benefit children and adults with:

  • Anxiety and stress related symptoms

  • Gastro-Intestinal issues

  • Sleep issues

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Chronic Pain (e.g. CRPS - Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fears and phobias


What does Enabling Choice© involve?

At the core of the process are communication and influence skills originating from Autosuggestion, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Coaching
If you have any religious, spiritual or ethical beliefs which do not permit the use of any of these skills, please let us know, so that we can discuss and offer you alternatives.


1: Choose To Let Go

You will start your journey of change learning to empower yourself by letting go of “IT”, whatever “IT” is, in the privacy of your own mind. We will not get you to talk about “IT” for hours/weeks, nor to revisit “IT” through regression or cognitive questioning. Instead, we will guide you into a mindset where you feel safe to let “IT” go.
(Note that “IT” can be singular or plural)

2: Choose A New You

With “IT” no longer holding you back, this session empowers you to be creative. When you originally came looking for therapy you were the product of your experiences and of what life had thrown at you. But you may not actually have been the person you would really choose to be. So we guide you to recreate yourself, without compromise, as the person you choose to be, and afterwards emerge into the waking state as the New You.

3:  Choose A New Path

The New You is able to walk a very different path than the old you. In this session we guide you to visualise and create your own new path. You will rewrite your anticipations, and the expectations you have of yourself and others in dealing with anything that crosses your path, so that you can work towards the destination that your new path leads to.

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