Mindset Makeovers

Makeovers are a growing trend, and they are all around us!

People who are unhappy with their appearance can go to a boutique for a makeover, people unhappy with their home can give it a makeover, and people who are unhappy with their car can give that a makeover too. Makeovers are so popular that some reality TV shows about makeovers have phenomenal audiences.  So why not have a makeover for the way you think (Mindset) and for the way way you  move (Movement

When you think of a makeover, it's probably in relation to some kind of beauty treatment, such as hair, nails etc. You go to a boutique to have some kind of treatment which makes you look good and feel good. Well, Boutique Hypnotherapy is the same. After all, beautiful minds can lead to beautiful bodies!

Weighing too much can sometimes cause you to think of yourself as not beautiful. One of my weight loss hypnosis programs can help you to let go of that weight, and feel inspired to exercise your body into the amazing shape you desire.  Some people only appear in photographs with their lips together. They miss out on having a lovely smile because of a fear of going to the Dentist. If that's you, I can help! Maybe you want a beautiful looking set of long, strong nails, but you bite them. Hypnosis can stop that nail biting habit, so that you can allow them to grow, naturally. 

Another source of beauty is your skin. If you have skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and warts, then the good news is that they respond very well to hypnosis. If you are one those people who love to adorn your skin with works of art, then maybe you want to have a tattoo. I can remove your fear of needles and teach you how to control the pain while being being tattooed. Or perhaps you already have a tattoo, but now want it removed and are afraid of the pain of laser removal? Hypnosis can help you with that too. Maybe you feel better when you can relax? If so, then one of my Just Relax sessions can help you. Need beauty sleep? Well, as a Hypnotist I not only put people to sleep, but I can also teach you how to put yourself to sleep, too!

Would You Like To Learn Hypnotherapy?

I am Recognized Professional Hypnotherapy Trainer at NZSPH

(New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy), where I train people just like you to be Hypnotherapists. It's a role I really enjoy.


Also, I offer clinical supervision to NZSPH students too.

Please contact me on 021 153 2508 if you have any questions at all about how I can help you with hypnosis.


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