Bookings & Cancellations Policy

Booking Deposits and Cancellation Policy for Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy

Welcome to the home of habit change, where you can stop doing the habits that are holding you back, and start doing habits that lead to success instead.

Booking your sessions in advance signals your commitment to change.
Also, by booking it prevents anyone else from booking the same time slot

Note that your deposit secures your booking and your commitment to attend the session

When booking online you will be charged a deposit fee of $50 NZ dollars
By making an appointment you fully understand your rights and that you will be charged the full price of the session.
The outstanding amount for that session is to be settled by the end of each session.

If you do not turn up and you have not informed Andrew Hardwick by leaving a message via either a text, email or answerphone service, you will be billed the full price of that session.

You may reschedule within the time allocated, but your deposit is not refundable
The deposit fee will also become the cancellation fee for that session, if you give less than 12 hours’ notice of your cancellation.
There is no cancellation fee if more than 12 hours’ notice is given.
Refunds will be given only at my discretion.

Please Note:
Andrew Hardwick currently utilises different locations, so before making your booking, please contact me on 021 153 2508 to find out at which location we will be meeting.

Monday:           Upper Hutt
Tuesday:           Petone
Wednesday:    Upper Hutt
Thursday:         Upper Hutt
Friday:               Upper Hutt
Saturday:          Upper Hutt

By making a booking you accept these conditions

I look forward to working with you very soon

Andrew Hardwick CHt. PNLP