Andrew Hardwick is an Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant,  trained by Joane Goulding, creator of the process. Please take a moment to allow Joane to tell you about SleepTalk in this video

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Oh how I wish I had known about SleepTalk years ago!

It makes so much sense to empower you, as loving parents, to empower your own children to feel loved, valued, confident, and to have self-esteem, simply by coaching you in the use of an ethical mindset tool.  Just imagine being able to do all that simply by spending 5 - 10 minutes each night talking to your child, while they are asleep!

SleepTalk, also known as The Goulding SleepTalk Process, is the brainchild of Melbourne based Hypnotherapist and Educator Joane Goulding, who developed it for her daughter Michelle, and has been teaching it for over 40 years.


Andrew was trained by Joane Goulding herself

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Andrew's listing on the SleepTalk Consultant register is here

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During your SleepTalk journey,  I will coach you through the 3 phases of the process and together we can track measureable change. 

Here's what a loving Mum said after working with me

Testimonial: SleepTalk for Children

Last week we met with Andrew to find out more about the Goulding Sleep Talk method in the hope of helping our 5 year old son, who after having started school 6 months ago had lost his confidence and self-esteem. He was displaying worrying behaviours such as hitting other children and not knowing why and telling us and his teachers that he was bad.  It has been a stressful time and heart breaking to see our son clearly suffering.  Andrew explained Sleep Talk and showed us what to do, which seemed very easy and we were comfortable with trying this.  After just two nights of Sleep Talk on our son he had a perfect day at school, which the headmaster proudly commented on and that was followed by two further awesome days at school and certificate of achievement presented at assembly, which he was so proud of.  We have experienced a profound positive reaction to Sleep Talk, our confident and happy little boy is shining through and looks forward to going to school.  Thank you Andrew, you have truly made a wonderful difference in our lives in literally a matter of hours.  We have read the Goulding Process Foundation of Sleep Talk book and it has been enlightening – I wish I had been given this book when our son was born, it should be something every new parent reads because it is a wonderful insight. We look forward to seeing you at the review.

Kindest regards,

Emma (March 2016)

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