The Blueprint

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The Blueprint is an award-winning Hypnotherapy process by British Hypnotherapist, Matt Gilbert

Matt, on his website, describes The Blueprint as an "Immersive client experience designed to engage the Deeper Mind to complete the work of the Clinical Therapist."  His belief is that inside everyone is a clear, unbroken 'Blueprint' of the person they once were, before they became 'broken'.  A practical analogy for this would be to look at it through the eyes of an architect. If a building developed, for example, a structural defect that could not be corrected by builders, then the architect would not bother with just patching it up. No, they would go back to the original blueprint of the building, to look for and correct any faults detected at the foundations.  The mind can be viewed in a similar fashion, and Hypnotherapy used to, in effect, press a reset button, and so empower the client to overcome 'issues'.


How I Use The Blueprint

I offer you sessions of The Blueprint to create an environment for your sub-conscious mind to revert back to the clean Blueprint, a version before your life experiences distorted it with the grief, pain, fear, trauma of life events which would otherwise drive anxiety, depression, bad habits and disorders of many kinds.

The change you would experience from The Blueprint comes from having a total release of what's occupying your sub-conscious mind. A clean, clear, lasting remedy.

The Blueprint + ? = Success!

The Blueprint can be used in isolation. It can also be blended with other Hypnotherapy processes, such as Sheila Granger's world-renown Virtual Gastric Band Process.

I look forward to starting you on your Blueprint journey soon!