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Agile & Scrum: Beyond Technology

Recently I've had an increase in the number of change managers coming to see me for stress and anxiety problems. That in itself is not unusual. Having been a PrInCE2 Project Manager, and a Quality, Health & Safety Manager in the UK NHS and here in Wellington Hospitals, I know just how stressful change management can be for all concerned. What is unusual is the high proportion of these change managers who are also software developers, and working at organisations which are "doing" Agile (more about that critical "doing" bit later) Being a martial artist, I understand the importance of knowing my enemy, and as a therapist my enemy is stress and all its potential causes. So I wanted to learn mo

Hollywood Trilogy

Have you noticed that Hollywood trend of taking a journey in three movies? They call it a trilogy. Each set of three movies takes both the characters and the viewers on a journey. Maybe it's a journey through middle earth in Lord Of The Rings, or a journey through space in Star Wars but whichever way you look at it, three step journeys are the in thing. Enabling Choice is a three step process from Andrew Hardwick, taking you on a journey in which you realise your potential, and make life choices for changing your story and journey through life. The trilogy begins with Andrew helping you to let go, continues with creating a new you for the journey ahead, and concludes with you walking a diffe

Tenth Anniversary

9th February 2009 - 9th February 2019 Today is the 10th Anniversary for Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy Back in 2009 Andrew worked just 1 day per week as a Hypnotherapist & Time Line Therapy Practitioner, whilst also holding down a 4 day week as the Quality Manager for Southern Cross Hospital, Wellington Today, Andrew is open 6 days per week, across venues in Upper Hutt and Petone, and sees clients from other parts of NZ and the world, via Skype. Andrew is now a Trainer at the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy, and has added NLP, EFT, SleepTalk and Life Coaching to his growing list of therapy qualifications. He has also launched his brand Not Strictly Tai Chi an Approved Provider of Group

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