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Feeling Flat?

Avoid the grey days with hypnosis! Some days it's just too hard to get going. Time drags, we have little or no motivation, we procrastinate and then another day has gone by  without the happiness we deserve. That's where Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching come into play. Well, here's a's not the situation outside that holds you back. It's the mindset within! I love helping people, just like you, to find your happiness mindset! Call Andrew on 021 153 2508 now!

Sleep like a cat!

At home we have a cute little Devon Rex kitten named Gamora (No not named after the biblical reference, but after a character from Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy!) Gamora is full of energy, and spends her busy day chasing our dog or playing in the garden But despite all this energy she is the envy of the house because she can get to sleep anywhere, anytime So I watched and learned... Gamora does some frantic activity then takes a nap...again and again Play Nap Repeat Then when it comes to main snooze time the ZZZZZs just flow! What did I learn? Play. Do some fun activity Nap. Or at least rest 2-3 mins Repeat throughout the day This cycle lets go of stress like a valve releasing pressure

Hearing aids

My wife had been telling me for years that I needed my hearing checked. As always my vanity head got in the way and I found one excuse after another to not go. Then, one day my practical head told me enough was enough, and I found myself walking in for an Audiology appointment. Wow how that has changed my life! Did you know teabags thud when they hit the base of  a cup? If I knew once, then clearly I forgot! Now I hear the world in a vastly different way. Oh it wasn't always easy, no. Truth is, there were ďays when those hearing aids were painful to wear, they didn't fit and they hot me down. But after a few trips to the Audiologist I was happy and now my world is so much better! In fact, my

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